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Windows Server Monitor Tools

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Testimonials - Windows Server Monitor Tools

"I was looking for a simple and effective tool to monitor my servers. Cost was a big factor. I found Windows Server Monitor. It's simple per server licensing made it easy for me to just get what I needed. I was able to monitor performance and health of my 3 servers without paying big boy's price. I setup monitoring for selective Windows Services, CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Network Usage. It has been working great for me. I recommend this tool to anyone who needs a simple interface and flexible monitoring of the servers."

Chris Griggs, Owner
NJ Cardiovascular Surgical Associates

We were looking for an affordable solution to monitor our servers. We found Windows Server Monitor. For the price we paid and what we are getting out of it is worth it. We were able to set it up very quickly and started to monitor windows services and other objects.

William Whelan
IT Administrator

Notification service is great as soon as a monitored service is down I get a text message. Extremely happy with the result.

Sharon Gayle
Manager IT Department

Hard Drive space monitoring is great. We constantly have to watch the space on our drives. This tool makes it easy for us.

Naomi Samuels
IT Consultant

Good product for the price. Simple to install and use. Up and running in few minutes. Would recommend to anyone who wants a affordable monitoring solution.

Diane Sam
Manager IT Operations

Love the product. Was able to set it up in minutes and start monitoring CPU and Network Usage.

Elliot Rustin
IT Consultant

For the price of under $100.00 I was able to monitor 5 servers for various objects. Easy to setup text messages alerts.

Tom Williams
Administrator IT Operations