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Monitor Windows Server: Services, CPU, Memory Usage, Disks and Network

Windows Server Monitor monitors critical components of your Windows server and instantly sends email alerts and text message to your cell phone. Windows Server Monitor gives IT administrator the ability to pro actively monitor critical health and performance parameters such as Windows Services, CPU Usage, Disk Usage, Network Usage and Memory Usage. ITA Monitor works on all Windows platforms. With Windows Server Monitor, you'll always know the status of your server, no matter where you are.

Windows Server Monitor

Windows Server Monitor will immediately notify if mission-critical services such as World Wide Web Publishing Service, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), SharePoint Portal Server service, Exchange Server Services or others have failed. Use it to monitor performance of the server's CPU and memory. Constantly keep an eye on available disk space. Sends an alert immediately if available space reaches defined limit. Other applications monitor ports remotely but this application is unique and more efficient since Windows Server Monitor gets instant event driven information directly from the operating system the moment service status changes and is able to notify you promptly. Windows Server Monitor is a very light weight and efficient utility, and takes only few minutes to install and run. After installation, simply select the objects that need monitoring and enter the cell-phones or email addresses that should receive alerts when a those defined thresholds are met.


  • Real Time Server Monitoring
  • Instant Notifications
  • User Defined Thresholds
  • Prevent Server Outages
  • Immediately Cut Costs

How does it Work

  • Download and Install
  • Setup Notification Parameters
  • Select objects to Monitor