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Exchange Health Check by Exchange Server Monitor.

Exchange Server Monitor is an excellent tool to monitor your Exchange 2010 server. It allows live monitoring of incoming and outgoing emails. Provides statistics for numerous aspects of Exchange Server. A live interactive dashboard will show you largest email sender, largest email recipients, number of mailboxes and more. Monitor rate of incoming and outgoing emails. Use the rate of emails to detect unusual activity on your server. Monitor Hard drive space. Get a list of disabled mailboxes. Get information on relay connectors. Mailbox Databases locations and statistics. Mail forwarding mailboxes. See who has Send as Permissions for what mail boxes. See who has full access permissions for what mail boxes. Use this information to secure Exchange 2010 Server. Download for free or see Screenshots

How Exchange Server Monitor Works

Exchange Server Monitor run on your Exchange Server and gets Meta Data for all incoming and outgoing emails and displays live in live monitor section of the application. See Screen Shots. Exchange Server Monitor allows you to setup alerts and notifications on numerous events such as rate of emails exceeding the configured limits or Hard drive space nearing configured threshold.

Reasons to Purchase Exchange Server Monitor

There are many reasons how Exchange Server Monitor can help you to manage your Exchange Server:

  • Live monitoring of incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Exchange Server health check.
  • Detect spam or denial of service attack.
  • Mail forwarding mailboxes.
  • Relay connectors.
  • Alerts and notifications.
  • Largest email senders.
  • Largest email recipients.
  • Contacts information.
  • Active mailboxes
  • Disabled mailboxes.
  • Send as permissions.
  • Full access permissions.
  • Hard drive space monitoring
  • Mailbox storage locations .
Exchange Server Monitor Screenshots