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Easy Mobile- based Management Tool


Need to keep track of all the user accounts as well as the passwords in your organization? Then, you need to lay hands on Active Directory. As the name itself suggests, Active Directory facilitates to store you user accounts along with the passwords in one protected location. On the contrary, it will improve the security of your organization manifold. Active Directory engulfs more than one domain. It can also be referred as a special-purpose database. This directory is mainly designed to handle a large number of read and search operations and a search operations and also a significantly number of changes and updates.

Nitty-Gritty of Active Directory

  • It is extensible
  • Can be replicated
  • Is hierarchical
  • Comprises three partitions


Also called as naming contexts, the partitions involve domain, schema, and configuration.
The domain partition involves users, groups, contacts, computers, organizational units, and many other object types.  As the Active Directory is extensible, you can also add your own classes and/or attributes. Class and attribute definitions is involved in schema. The configuration partition includes configuration data for services, partitions, and sites.

Easy Migration

With Auzar.com’s  bulk import/export tools have made a special mention among its users as it helps in the easy migration of groups, users, as well as many organizational units. The company’s Active Directory Export and Import Tool is especially useful for IT Administrators who are moving to a new Windows 2008 Server environment from an existing Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 Domains. The specialty of this tool is that, it will also help to save the time in recreating an existing windows domain or moving accounts from one domain to another domain.

Key Features

The key features associated with the Active Directory Export tool include

  • Export user accounts
  • Export group memberships
  • Export numerous user attributes
  • Export contacts
  • Export user groups
  • Attributes

There are certain attributes which can be imported and also exported to any version of current Window Servers. Few attribute descriptions and its display names are listed here.

Attribute Description Display Name
SAM Account Name SAMAccountName
User Name Name
Account Description Description
User Initials Initials
Company Name Company
Home Phone homephone
Street Address streetaddress
Info info
Country Region c
Mobile mobile


There are many customers who make use of the features of Auzar. Some prominent ones are:

  • AB Network
  • Agosto
  • Brocade
  • Cape Fox
  • DEDC
  • Fast Track
  • GLM
  • HP
  • IBG
  • Jasper County School District
  • Kinetix
  • Logica
  • Ministry of Education
  • NASA
  • Ogden Weber Tech College
  • PC Net
  • RealTech Solutions Ltd.
  • Sandisk
  • TensarInternational
  • US Navy
  • Vision IT
  • Warner Connect
  • Xpert
  • YMCA of Brisbane
  • Zech IT Service

The list is endless; apart from the above mentioned customers there are hundreds of customers of Auzar.com who bears testimony for the success of the former and their user-friendly products.


Apart from Active Directory tools, there are also Exchange Server and also Windows Server tools. But the former rules the roast. This tool is said to be highly user-friendly; so many corporate lay hands on it.