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Active Directory Bulk Export Import

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Testimonials - Active Directory Export Tools

I tried the method of using Microsoft LDIFDE to move my users from one Active Directory to another and found myself frustrated and unable to get it to work. Not knowing about Active Directory export I invested more time and effort trying to fix the errors I caused. When I discovered Active Directory Import/Export I was able to complete USER transfers quickly and effortlessly. This is the tool that should be in every IT Administrator’s kit. It solved my AD transfer issues and saved me from LDIFDE complicated setup and configuration.

Chris Griggs, Owner
NJ Cardiovascular Surgical Associates

During a recent server upgrade we tried Active Directory Import / Export hoping that it would be the solution we needed. We are not very well versed in Active Directory but USC tech support was not only easy to get on the phone but answered our questions right away. I appreciate the great customer service I received and the easily accessible live tech support. As a relative newcomer to Active Directory management, this kind of tech support is invaluable. Highly recommend Active Directory Import/Export to those who are also new to AD.

Joe Williams
IT Administrator

I run a small non-profit organization and have limited resources to devote to Active Directory management. When we needed to upgrade our servers I anticipated a big expense and time investment. Active Directory Import/Export turned out to eliminate all of the difficulties I anticipated. I was able to complete our Server Upgrade affordably and correctly. Issue was solved right away. Thank you.

Yu Sing
Director, Marketing & Membership

Hope House needed to update our domain from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 environments. We needed to migrate once and get it right. Active Directory Export did the job for us the first time and with minimal time and effort. I appreciate both the product and the live tech support for helping us complete this migration with ease.

Andy Salazar

Active Directory Import Export Tool has been a very satisfactory solution to the problem of Active Directory migration. Without it, we had been struggling with incomplete or corrupt migrations. It was causing a problem for our IT Admins and users.  Your product solved our problem and your tech support services exceeded what we have come to expect by providing personal and helpful assistance.

David Clooney
Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer

We had a Windows 2003 domain with 300 users that needed immediate migration to a Windows 2008 domain environment.  After creating the new domain we used Microsoft command line utilities and scripts but without any success. In fact, it really got us nowhere even after spending time on the learning curve and attempting to get tech support help. The good news is we were referred to Active Directory Import Export Tool. It got the complete migration complete in the time it had previously taken to get tech support just on the phone. This was the solution we needed and we recommend the product.

Chuck Femino
IT Administrator

After struggling with obscure commands, botched attempts, and general frustration we needed another way to get our Active Directory migration needs under control. Our new Windows 2008 Domain needed to be online and stable in a matter of hours with operations relying on us. We decided to try Active Directory Import Export and there is no question it saved our project. We were able to get all of our Users, Groups, and Contacts easily transferred and with less time and trouble than we actually thought could be possible. Greatly appreciated!

Karla Issa
Director IT Operations

One of the main features I look for in a new software package is the ability to get competent, personalized tech support quickly and relatively easily. I was very happy and satisfied to experience much better than expected support for Active Directory Import Export Tool. Without tech support even a good software package is limited. We were happy to find a friendly, knowledgeable support service that isn’t hard to get on the phone. Combined with the ease of use this products support service sold me on the product.

Jim Luedecker
Web Systems Manager

I want to take a moment to thank you for your product and your exemplary support. I don’t do many Active Directory migrations so I was very intimidated by the process and the prospect of having a non-functional domain I was helpless to fix. The job of understanding the commands involved and the time learning to avoid the tripping points was not something I had any interest in doing. Active Directory Import Export Tool really did the job and made all of the complicated work completely unnecessary. My migration was done in less time than it takes me to learn just a few of the commands. This product is a lifesaver for anyone new to Active Directory migration. Just avoid it and use Active Directory Import Export.

Eric Mendelbaum

Active Directory Import Export Tool is a great product. It simplifies the process down to a few clicks and without a high cost. I was very happy with the benefits I got for a very reasonable price point. I don’t recommend products very often but I was very relieved to have this one take care of the dirty work with my Active Directory project.  I also refer other IT Administrators to this application whenever the issue of Active Directory migration comes up. This is a time-saving no brainer if you have to do this kind of project. 

Gavatnar Vatapan