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Active Directory Bulk Export/Import Tool for Migration of Users, Groups, and Organizational Units

Active Directory Export Import Tool provides inexpensive and comprehensive transfer of AD data between domains. You can perform rapid bulk export and import Active Directory User accounts, Groups, Groups Membership, OUs and extensive Users Attributes from an existing domain into your new domain. Hundreds or even thousands of users, groups, GROUP MEMBERSHIP and OUs are transferred at low cost in time and money. Watch a brief VIDEO DEMO or SEE LIST OF FEATURES.Or you can DOWNLOAD TRIAL or PURCHASE.


Active Directory Export and Import Tool is a simple to use, affordable, and powerful visual tool that allows you to both bulk export and import Active Directory user accounts, groups, and OUs from your existing domain and import them into a new domain. There is no need to learn frustrating, complicated, and time wasting tools such as LDIFDE, CSVDE, or Windows PowerShell commands. Our affordable and easy to use graphical interface tool will do the job for you in minutes that otherwise could take hours if done using other methods or programs. Active Directory Export and Import Tool is especially useful for IT Administrators who are moving to a new Windows 2008 Server environment from an existing Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 Domains. This tool will also help you save time in recreating an existing windows domain or moving accounts from one domain to another domain. You can use Active Directory Export to create CSV / Excel report for all Users and Contacts along with their Attributes. Active Directory Export Import Tool works with all Windows Active Directory Domains including Windows 2012,Windows 2008, Windows 2003, and Windows 2000.

Active Directory Bulk Import and Export Tool Info
  • Export and Import User Account
  • Export and Import Groups
  • Export and Import Groups memberships
  • Export and Import OUs
  • Export and Import Contacts
  • Export and Import other AD attributes
  • Utility to import user accounts and password from a cvs/text file
  • Utility to generate User and Contacts report
  • Utility to generate Group membership report